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E-learning is accorded top priority. This helps students schooling with us to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living. Smart Boards have been installed in classes so that teachers can supplement the classroom teaching with audio visual display systems which help children learn much faster. Such learning through audio visual aids is better absorbed, since abstract concepts are given particular shapes & colours.

"For yesterday is but a dream,
 And tomorrow is but a vision
 But today well lived
 Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
 And every tomorrow a vision of hope"




Physical education is an inherent part of the school and it is our endeavour to achieve high development of each child and enhance multiple intelligences. The innate and inherent talent of each child is identified, manifested and nurtured to perfection. Garnets of activities are organised to enable each child to excel at least in one field.

Our methodology....... We encourage learning by exploration
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"Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away. ~ Arthur Helps "