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    Special Assembly – Martyr’s Day

    A special assembly was presented by students of class VII in The Air force School, to mark the importance of the day – 30th January as Martyr’s Day.

    The students of class VII presented a speech on the life and teachings of Gandhiji. Poems in English and Hindi were recited by the students. Quotes given by Mahatma Gandhi were read aloud. Few of them are as mentioned below

    ‘An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.’

    ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’

    ‘Where there is love there is life.’

    The assembly was concluded with a Prayer written by Mahatma Gandhi. Two minutes silence was observed at 11 am in the school.


      It is very important for a child’s environment to be an emotionally safe zone. At TAFS we strive each day to help our students not only to be aware of their emotions, but also be able to identify their own as well as other’s emotions as well as appropriately reacting. The process of this emotional learnedness is a part of everyday curriculum at our school.

      Anger being an effective emotion, its exhibition plays an equally important part in a child’s growing years. With the objective of ‘Joyful Education & Holistic Fitness’ some interesting activities were conducted, from 06 Jan to 24 Jan 2020, in order to help students learn effective tips & tricks to manage their anger. 

      Signage boards displayed at the most visited alley of the school stating positive anger management quotes helped expose children to positive thoughts. Anger Management workshops were conducted by the school counsellor for all the students of classes UKG to V. Students discussed and shared their worries, experiences and learnt ways of handling their emotions. ‘Joyful Environment at home and at school’ was the theme for the painting activities conducted for students of classes III, IV & V which gave them a creative medium to express their feelings. Appreciation cards were awarded to students who used effective anger management techniques in order to calm them down in stressful situations. Breathing exercises are being done as a part of morning assembly, regularly, for positivity & calmness. 

      These activities helped provide an environment of holistic happiness & emotional learnedness. We will continue to help our students in this journey of learning to manage their anger. 

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          9th TAFS MINI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT (27-28 JAN 2020)

          The Air Force School, Subroto Park, hosted the 9th Mini Football Tournament in the school premises on 27-28 January 2020 for boys and girls of Classes IV and V. 13 prestigious schools of Delhi-NCR participated in this tournament. The event began with a warm welcome to the participating teams during which all the teams took an oath to play the game with honour and in true spirit of sportsmanship. 

          The bright and sunny winter morning created the perfect setting for the sporty event. The first day of the tournament saw the teams playing each other in a competitive spirit to reach the semi-finals. There was considerable pressure on the young players to show their mettle. Nevertheless, each of the teams put up a good fight and played with determination, passion and respect. 

          The final matches created an electrifying environment with equally strong teams that played brilliantly with style and substance. The winners made a close range finish to claim the title with their laudable performance. 

          The two-day tournament was a treat watching the young footballers display their skills with great vigour and enthusiasm. These budding stars exhibited some amazing passing skills with brilliant shooting and goalkeeping. The spectators witnessed a delightful show of fast and accurate footwork and very fine blocking by the nimble and agile players who impressed all with their excellent defence tactics.

          The Runners’ Up (Girls) were Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri and Runners’ Up (Boys) were Modern School, Vasant Vihar.

          Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School (Girls) and Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj (Boys) took home the Winner’s Trophy. The Principal  Ms Amita Gupta  gave away the trophies to the teams.


              LIBRARY ACTIVITY - VII B


                CLASS- X

                22ND JANUARY’20 

                A stress management workshop of students of class X was held on 22nd January 2020.

                The workshop was conducted by Saurabh K. Gupta, a coach, a motivational speaker, practitioner for hypnosis and past life regression therapy.

                The purpose of the workshop was to help the students deal with various stressors of life.

                He created such a good rapport with students that they were easily able to come up and share their problems such as issues with parents, low self-esteem, public speaking, panic, exam anxiety etc.

                In the end of the session he also taught students self-relaxation technique to overcome almost any issues like stress, anxiety, tension, depression etc. to manage the life more efficiently and without any stress or effort.

                It was quite an enriching experience as we learnt a lot of things about how we can deal with our day today situations in better ways.

                  Workshop on E-Cigarettes

                  School organized a workshop for the students of classes IX and XI to create awareness among the students regarding the harmful effects of E-Cigarettes. The workshop was conducted during the SEWA periods.

                  Dr. Jyoti, Doctor at TAFS addressed the students and discussed the effects of e-cigarettes on the health of a person.

                  She also discussed about the various short term effects and long-term diseases that can be caused by regular use of e-cigarettes. It was a very informative workshop for the students.

                    REPORT ON “FIT INDIA”

                    The Air Force School celebrated the “FIT INDIA” on 17-01-2020 & 18-01-2020 in tandem with CBSE’s initiative.

                    Various engaging activities were organized. Under Marathon, 2km run was organized for Senior & Junior category.

                    Under traditional games inter-section matches of Kho-Kho were organized which help in stimulating the growth of the children physically as well as intellectually.

                    The morning assembly saw students doing aerobics & learning Martial arts.

                    The Fit India Movement aims to encourage all to take up physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. Not leaving any stone unturned, we at TAFS take pledge to make ourselves fit and strive for the noble goal of good health.

                      A poem by Taarini Ajit Negi of class X-E in Student NIE Newspaper dated 22 Jan 2020

                        WATER AUDIT BY CLASS I (23 JAN 2020)

                        Class I students conducted a Water Audit, on 23 Jan 2020, with the help of their class teachers. The children visited the school water joint and the wash rooms with the purpose of checking the water taps. They counted the total number of taps, checked whether there were any leaks and recorded the number of faulty taps. With this information they calculated the water wastage due to leaking taps. Subsequently the data was compiled and the students submitted class wise report to the Headmistress on the same day, for further action.

                        They also discussed the different ways in which we can conserve water at school and at home. They also talked about rainwater harvesting to conserve water and the initiative taken by the government of India. As responsible students they also decided to conduct such audits regularly to help in water conservation.

                          IHA – AD MAD COMPETITION

                          An Inter House “AD MAD” competition was held in the Activity Hall on 16 Jan 2020. Each house was represented by a group of students from classes VI-VIII. They presented an innovative way of advertising a product. The event was enjoyed by all present.

                          The result of this competition is as follows





                          TEAM SPARKY



                          WIFI DUDES











                            2nd MASTERMIND QUIZ – CLASSES IV-V (23 JAN 2020) 
                            The 2nd edition of the Mastermind G.K Quiz event was organised by the junior wing of TAFS for the students of classes IV & V on 23 January 2020. While quiz events are an interesting way to enhance student learning they also help build teamwork and critical thinking. 
                            Keeping these objectives in mind, two preliminary written rounds of G.K were conducted for all students of classes IV and V during the year 2019-20. The winners of these rounds were selected to form 5 teams of 4 students each (2 from class IV and 2 from class V). 
                            On 23 Jan 2020, these 5 teams named Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Krishna and Saraswati, participated in the 2nd edition of the ‘The Mastermind Quiz’. The students’ excitement was contagious and the room was buzzing with anticipation. After the Quiz master explained the rules for the quiz, 8 fun filled rounds were conducted for all the teams.
                            While the teams battled it out on the stage, the enthusiastic audience was also very much part of the Quiz fever. The quiz master posed some interesting questions to the audience and special prizes were given to those students who were able to answer the questions correctly. The teachers also took part with full fervour. 
                            Our special guest Wg Cdr. Pushpa Thakur, ED TAFS and Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal   gave away the prizes to the winning team and runners’ up team. The Krishna Team were declared the champions and were awarded trophies, certificates, books, maps and crayon packets. The team comprised of Sudiksha Singh (V B), Shreyas Sahoo (V B), Apurv Singh (IV B) and Vidhaan Gupta (IV B)
                            The Second prize winners were the Saraswati team with Aarav Chauhan (V A), Shaurya Pratap Singh (V A), Samrat Kalonia  (IV A) and Saanvi Shah (IV A) as members who took away  certificates, books and crayon packets as prizes. The Narmada team also won the second prize and the proud team members  Simrit Singh  (V D), Vitasta Pathak (V D), Aastha Yadav (IV D) and Abhinav Gopi (IV D) were  awarded certificates, books  and crayon packets.
                            All participants were awarded with appreciation certificates and crayon packets.

                              PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA

                              ADDRESS BY HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER

                              On  20th Jan 2020, our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a huge gathering of students at the Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi as part of “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020”. The students of class IX witnesses the interactive session which was broadcasted all across the nation.

                              The interaction which lasted for about 90 minutes saw students seeking guidance on various issues related to examinations and the anxiety. At the outset, the Prime Minister stressed on the principle of time management and hardwork that can take students to greater heights. The PM also put ahead stories of successful people like Rahul Dravid & Anil Kumble who overcome their injuries just to bring glory for the nation. The address motivated the students to strive for excellence through sincerity and dedication by maintaining a balance between studies and extracurricular activities and also to overcome the stress during exam times. The students came back with lots of hope and motivation to organize themselves for the up coming examinations in a positive spirit.

                                CLASS III HINDI POEM RECITATION COMPETITION (21 JAN 2020)

                                Poem recitation is a mode of expression and a tool for children to develop their oratory skills and confidence. Keeping this in mind, a poem recitation competition was held for children of class III on 21st January 2020, at the Junior School. The theme of this competition was ‘Hasya Kavita’. The participants impressed everyone with their funny poems and overall presentation. Some of the poems were: eksguyky dkys njksxkth] Dykl eksuhVjphaVwjatu pkpk] ePNjksa dh leL;k] eksVwjke] berhgku] vknhA

                                The overall winners are:


                                NAME OF THE STUDENTS & CLASS


                                Aarohi Nanda  III-B

                                Advait Singh Kotra  III-D


                                Lakshya Rana   III-A

                                Osheen Kaushik   III-B

                                Ivana Ahuja   III-B

                                Vibhor Chaturvedi III-E

                                Tanishqka Saikia  III-D


                                Aarnav  Singh   III-A

                                Mahima Singh     III-A

                                Syona Singh  III-D

                                Harsh Dwivedi   III-C

                                CONSOLATION PRIZE

                                Pahal Garg   III-A

                                Krishnaditya Singh Tanwar III-B

                                Darshil Maliek    III-B

                                Inaya Khan    III-E

                                Gurlal Singh  III-C

                                Lakshya Choudhary   III-C

                                  A poem by Taarini Ajit Negi of class X-E in Student NIE Newspaper dated 16 Jan 2020

                                    CLASS V - MS POWERPOINT COMPETITION (13-17 JAN 2020)

                                    An MS POWERPOINT Competition was organized for the students of Class V in two phases from 13 Jan 2020 to 17 Jan 2020 on the topics, ‘Festivals of India’ and ‘Cyber Safety’.

                                    Children used different features of MS PowerPoint like transitions, animations, wordart, SmartArt, shapes, text effects, shape effects etc. to make their presentations. They used many images related to the topic and creative ideas to make the presentations attractive. The beautiful background, color combination and images added to magnificence of their work. Their presentations were highly appreciated and the winners of this competition are as follows:

                                    Student’s Name

                                    Class & Sec


                                    Kamya Choudhary

                                    V B


                                    Simrit Singh

                                    V D


                                    Shipra Biswal

                                    V E


                                    Ayushi Singh

                                    V D


                                    Shiv Agnihotri

                                    V C



                                    V A


                                    Vedant Rawat

                                    V B

                                    Consolation Prize

                                    Utkarsh Tripathi

                                    V E

                                    Consolation Prize

                                    V Ananya

                                    V C

                                    Consolation Prize

                                      AN INTERACTIVE SESSION – WORKING OF JUDICIARY 

                                      The Social Science Departmental Activity was conducted on 17th January 2019 in the Activity Hall.  An interactive session was organized on the working of Judiciary for the students of all sections of Class IX.

                                      Three young lawyers Mr Advait Ghosh, Ms Arushi and Mr Aakash, practicing in the District court, High Court and Supreme court were the guest speakers. They updated the students on the various steps involved in the court proceedings and showed the students the draft of the ‘vakalatnama’  

                                      Different case studies were discussed and the students showed keen interest and asked questions to clarify their doubts about the working of judiciary in light of the current verdicts given by the Supreme court.

                                      Overall it was a very enriching session which helped the students to understand the importance of Judiciary as the guardian of the constitution. 

                                        POSTER AND SLOGAN MAKING – ON EQUALITY

                                        The Social Science Department organized a  Poster and slogan making activity  on the topic – On Equality.

                                        The students of all sections of class VII participated in the activity. The activity was conducted in the respective classrooms of the students.

                                        The students made colorful and creative posters which displayed the message of equality in all spheres of life. Gender equality, religious equality, caste/class equality were the few themes which were projected through the medium of the posters and slogans.

                                        The activity provided the students a background to strengthen their belief in promoting equality in diversity and creating an all inclusive culture which challenges any negative attitude and promotes positivity and the need to treat everyone in a just and fair manner.

                                        Three students were selected from each section of class VII who brought forward this message beautifully in their posters. Following are their names


                                        I.                    Nishtha Verma

                                        II.                  Sneha Tyagi

                                        III.                Tanisha Karnatak


                                        I.                    Avantika Dogra

                                        II.                  Adrita Pal

                                        III.                Parveen Kaur


                                        I.                    Sheril

                                        II.                  Riddhi

                                        III.                Angel Pradip Mahato


                                        I.                    Mohit Sharma

                                        II.                  Sanvie Singh

                                        III.                Navya Batra


                                        I.                    Nandini Gupta

                                        II.                  Drishti

                                        III.                Ajitesh Sharma

                                          MEASUREMENT WEEK  AT JUNIOR SCHOOL (13-17 JAN 2020) 

                                          Mathematics is an incredibly important subject which is used in all walks of life.

                                          To encourage young learners to get involved, to dispel math phobia, to create a love for the subject and to perceive the connection of mathematical concepts with real life situations, ‘Measurement Week’ was celebrated at TAFS junior school. This was a fantastic opportunity for students of classes I-V to engage in Math activities, designed to challenge their thinking and develop their math problem solving skills.

                                          Children worked in small groups and used cuboidal and cubic shaped objects to measure the length and breadth, and use it to find Area and Perimeter. Students of class I used crayons to measure various objects in the class. Students also measured the dimensions of the school stage, and classroom using metre scale and 1m ribbons. We also calculated the BMI of each child after measuring their weight and height. They learnt the significance of maintaining the right weight for a healthy body. It was great fun for the students to measure their bags, water bottles etc. and record these measurements. The celebration also saw a lot of mathematical games like ‘Array Capture’ game and other fun games.

                                          These week long activities generated intense interest in the students and it was indeed an interesting and educational experience for them.

                                            HINDI POEM RECITATION COMPETITION – CLASS IV (16.01.2020)

                                            A Hindi recitation competition was organized on 16th of January 2020 by the junior wing for the students of Class IV. All students participated in the preliminary round of this event during the last week and 30 students were shortlisted for the final round.

                                            With the 71st Republic Day just a few days away, the theme of the competition was chosen as ‘Love for one’s Country - Patriotism / Courage/ Bravery’. Some of the poems recited were - gk¡ bl ns’k dk oklh gw¡] fla/kq esa Tokj] eSa Hkkjr dk toku gw¡] 'kfDr vkSj {kek] gS ueu mudks] psrd dh ohjrk] flikgh dh vkRedFkk] deZohj

                                            With the zeal of a true patriot, the enthusiasm of the participants, the audience and the judges had to be seen to be believed. At such a tender age, the students displayed an amazing amount of passion while reciting the poems. The atmosphere in the room was electric and the audience was left spellbound by the performance.  This pride for one’s motherland will surely hold these students in good stead in the years to come.

                                            The winners of the competition are listed as follows –


                                            NAME & CLASS

                                            First Position

                                            Shreya Joshi- IV A

                                            Siffat Kaur- IV E

                                            Second Position

                                            Sidhiksha Shivkumar- IV D

                                            Aanya Kukreti- IV A


                                            Third Position

                                            Dakshika Chauhan- IV C

                                            Naemat Chopra-  IV B

                                            Saanvi Sah- IV A


                                            Consolation Prize

                                            Amrita Thakur- IV D

                                            Gauttami Verma- IV C

                                            Ansh Adgotra- IV D

                                            Aaena Tiwari- IV A

                                            Kamya Singh- IV E

                                                JUST-A-MINUTE’ ACTIVITY-CLASS-VI

                                              Chemistry department conducted an activity-JUST-A-MINUTE on the topic ‘SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE’ for class-VI students on 16th January 2020.Two students from each section participated in the activity & presented the theme within the time limit. The activity was witnessed by class-VI students.

                                              Students participated enthusiastically & exhibited their scientific knowledge. They showcased their creative talent by enactment on the given topic along with presentation through relevant posters.

                                              Result of the activity is as follows:-

                                              1st Position:-

                                              Joyce Sarah-VI-E

                                              Pallavi Negi-VI-E

                                              2nd  Position:-

                                              Kavya Prakash-VI-A

                                              Ananta Rai-VI-A

                                              3rd Position:-

                                              Laurel Arora-VI-D

                                              Ayannya Ghosh-VI-D

                                              Congratulations to all the prize winners!!

                                                Library Activity by VII A Students on "The Grace darling"

                                                  Audio On
                                                  "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. ~ Albert Einstein "