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A visit to ICAR-NRCPB
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A visit to ICAR-NRCPB

School organized a visit of student of class XII (Medical Stream) at ICAR-National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology, Pusa Road New Delhi on 01 November 2018.

Student also attended a lecture given by Principal scientist Dr S.R. Bhatt and on plant molecular biology and biotechnology. He shared the various ongoing projects and researches undertaken by NRCPB and their significance. The lecture also included valuable information about various transgenic crop developed at the centre to improve the quality of agricultural practices like Genomics and molecular markers in crop plant, Biotechnological application for pulses improvement, Adaptation of Wheat to climate change induced abiotic stresses etc.

Students observed the various techniques for isolation of desired gene from genome, selection of recombinant from non recombinants, Tissue culture, Confocal microscopy, Gene gun as well as phytotron facility where the plants were grown in a controlled atmospheric conditions.

The students enjoyed the workshop and they had a great learning experience in the field of molecular biology.

     Special assembly on Eco-friendly Diwali

    To spread the awareness about the hazardous effects of bursting crackers on Diwali, EVS club of TAFS organized a special assembly on 2/11/18. The spirit and significance of the festival of lights was represented through a skit, poems and speeches. All the members of TAFS family also took a pledge to Save Nature and celebrate Eco friendly Diwali . It was followed by an inspiring and thought provoking message by the  Principal Ma’am .

    In its endeavour, to save environment from the harmful effects of smoke created every year on Diwali, EVS club took an active role .Banners giving the message of eco friendly Diwali were put up on the school gate to sensitise people living around about the real aim of this pious festival without bursting crackers. Also ,many motivational quotes were put up on school board for inspiring students to avoid using Crackers and fireworks

     Signing Campaign was organized where students signed and took an oath to spread the message of unity, brotherhood, love  and positivity instead of spreading fumes that take the toll of life of many innocent lives including speechless animals.


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      The Photography Club of The Air Force School organized an activity called ‘Explore the Unexplored’ on 30th October 2018 for classes IX & X. The students of photography club participated in this activity. The students enjoyed the activity and  took photographs of different venues of annual day practice of various points and different angles.

      The activity aimed at creating a love for photography among the students. 


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        CLASS V HERITAGE WALK (30-31 OCT 2018)

        The children of Class V were taken on a Heritage Walk to Gandhi Smriti on 30 & 31 October 2018, during school hours. Gandhi Smriti holds significance as the place of martyrdom of the 'Father of our Nation', Mahatma Gandhi.

        The building which houses a museum is the Birla House, dedicated to Gandhiji, showcasing his contributions and involvement in India's struggle for freedom. The two rooms where Gandhiji spent the last 144 days of his life have been preserved carefully for people to see and understand the simplicity and greatness of a humble leader. The children were in awe of the great leader and his lifestyle. In the rear lawns is the Martyr's Column marking the exact spot where Gandhiji was assassinated by a fanatic. The children paid solemn tribute to 'Bapu' while reading Gandhiji's last words, 'Hey Ram', inscribed on the pillar. 

        They were pleasantly surprised to see various Science exhibits too and tried their hand on some working models. The Heritage Walk proved to be an enriching experience and a valuable lesson for life, as Gandhiji always maintained- ‘Simple life and high thinking’. The visit also proved to be of great relevance to them academically as this was an activity to introduce the topics, on Mahatma Gandhi, soon to be covered in their syllabus.

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