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Enrichment Program for the Mathematics Students of Class XII

An enrichment program for the mathematics students of class XII was conducted on 12th December 2018. The session was conducted by renowned Mathematics scholar Mr. Sushil Varshney who has been associated with the subject  for more than two decades. He is an eminent resource person as well.

The session conducted by Mr. Varshney proved to be a valuable discussion before the  board examination. He spoke on the strategies that should be   followed by students while preparing for the examination and provided some guidelines for attempting the questions in an effective manner. He made the students aware of  the marking scheme of the question paper. Some Important Topics were also discussed in the session to clarify the methodology to be followed by students. Throughout the session he maintained that the students should first acquire clear conceptual understanding and then they should move on to the rigorous practice of questions. He further emphasized that students must keep NCERT as first and foremost focus while preparing for examination.

In a nutshell, program was a comprehensive and strategically important help to the students for tackling the forthcoming Board Examination.

    Report of visit to innovative projects organized by IRIS

    On 4th of December 2018, the students of TAFS, got the opportunity to visit an exhibition showcasing the topmost innovative projects from all over India. The event was organized by Initiative for research and Innovation in Science (IRIS),  which is a public – private partnership program heralded by Department of Science and Technology(DST), Indo US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and Intel.

    The students interacted with the IRIS finalists who were showcasing their innovative projects. They showed keen interest in new ideas portrayed through projects. They became aware of the application of simple ideas in making projects that are cost effective, environment friendly and user friendly. It is a great initiative in inculcating scientific attitude amongst the students and developing keen interest towards research in science and technology.

    It was truly an exciting and enriching experience for our students to interact with the IRIS finalist students.

      The Astronomy club of TAFS organized second workshop of the three workshop series for classes VI to VIII on 26 & 27 NOVEMBER,2018. The topic of this workshop was Optical system where students worked together in groups and learnt about the type of lenses and mirrors, their properties, behaviour of light as it passes through the lenses and the mirror , and their use in day to day life. The students also learnt how to focus objects using lights. They were taught about the bending of light and change in behaviour of light as it changes medium. The students were also demonstrated how the light behaves at different angles and what happen when the angle of incidence of light is beyond the “Critical Angle” for the material. Through this students got to know  about how Total Internal Reflection is helpful and how often we get to see this in our day to day life  and how the same principle is used for communication on earth using radio signals and fibre optic cables. The students during the course of session used laser lights and torch lights to reiterate the principles of optics themselves. 


        03 DECEMBER 2018

        ‘We all are differently abled and uniquely talented’

        International Day of Persons with Disability was celebrated in The Air Force School, Junior Wing, on 03 Dec 2018, with great enthusiasm.  This was an initiative to sensitize students about a world of people with special needs. Teachers showed various videos on the theme and discussions were also held in the classrooms. Students were not just passive audience of this celebration; instead they appreciated the effort put in by the differently abled people and recognised the virtues & abilities possessed by their class mates who are differently abled.

        Our students were so enthusiastic about celebrating this day that they created posters with encouraging quotes on disability and displayed their work in their classrooms. They also took a pledge to treat all persons equally irrespective of their abilities.

        It was a profound experience for all students who attempted to understand the relevance of individual abilities and appreciate it.


          LIBRARY ACTIVITY: 29 NOV 2018
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          On 29th Nov 2018 we have organized a PPT Presentation on the chapters from the books, issued by three children, Aarav, Ridhi and Sanvie from class VI D, from Senior School Library.

          Book Details:

          1.  The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

                      ---- PPT presentation by Aarav Gupta

          2.  My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

                 ---- PPT presentation by Ridhi Sethi

          3.  Thief in the Village by James Berry

                 ---- PPT presentation by Sanvie Singh


            LIBRARY ACTIVITY: 28 NOV 2018
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            On 28th Nov 2018 we organized a panel discussion on chapters from two books: 1) Secret Seven, Chapter III: A Very Good meeting; 2) Secret Seven, Chapter II: A Shock for Secret Seven, by Enid Blyton, issued by two children, Aditya & Saksham of class VI B, from Senior School Library. On this occasion Principal, Ms Amita Gupta, Middle School Coordinator, Ms Debolina Mukherjee and HOD English, Ms Bindia Rajpal were present there to inspire the children. They were given tips on how to improve their reading skills. Principal Ma’am praised the children for their participation, their confidence, the way of presentation and the approach of panelists. On the panel were: Indulekha and Sameer from VI A, Abhimaan and Manas from VI B, Aarav, Areesha, Ridhi, and Sanvie from VI D.

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