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Poster Making Competition 

‘Prevention is better than cure’. Keeping this idea in mind the children of Class VIII and IX beautifully portrayed their ideas on canvas and participated in poster making competition organised by EVS club of TAFS. The aim of the competition was to spread the awareness about the various environmental issues curbing the world. The children were encouraged to think beyond so that they are confident and ready to step into the future world with solutions to present problems .They enthusiastically came with different solutions.

All the participants were appreciated and their posters were displayed on school board.


    “In every end, there is also a beginning”. On 23 January 2019 (Wednesday) an English Recitation competition was held, for class IV students, in the multipurpose hall of our school. The theme for the recitation competition was ‘Beginnings and Endings’.

    Recitation is a form of self-expression with the creativity of words and emotion to convey a message to the audience apart from being an effective mode of learning the language. The participants not only used this experience to enhance the meaning of the poem they chose but also to hone their recitation skills. Everyone was impressed by their confidence, diction and voice modulation. They won over the audience by their presentation style. 

    The winners of the competition are:-





    1.    Radhika Pant      IV-B


    1.    Suhina Nair               IV-B

    2.    Ayushi Singh             IV-D

    3.    Shaurya Sharma      IV-D


    1.    Rohan Gupta          IV-A

    2.    Arohi Vashisht      IV-B

    3.    Mrigangani            IV-C

    4.    Yash Vardhan-      IV-D

    5.    Vidhisha Yadav     IV-A

    6.    Priyan Raj              IV-C

    7.    Sehaj Sethi             IV-B



    1.    Sameer Karn        IV-E

    2.    Arjun                     IV-C

    3.    Anushka               IV-A

    4.    Anushka Yadav    IV-D


      Celebrating the Republic Day, an Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition was held on 19th Jan 2019 in the Activity Hall for classes VI-VIII. Students from various houses sang with great patriotic fervour Ms Deepa Krishnan, Headmistress Jr School and Ms Sarika Mishra were the esteemed judges.

      The results are as follows :-




















        The students of Class V participated in a Declamation competition held in the school on 19 January 2019. The theme of the competition was ‘Patriotic Expressions’.

        The participants took the meaning of patriotism to an entirely different level by diverging into issues closer to their understanding. They spoke about voluntary service by individuals of society, the common people, encouraging them to express their patriotism by directing their knowledge towards making the country an ideal place in every aspect - by keeping it clean, obeying rules, doing good, being responsible, spreading awareness and helping the community in whichever way possible. 

        It was a pleasure to hear the children explain the true meaning of patriotism as not just love or pride for one's country, but in being a good citizen by trying to curb the prevalent ills damaging the culture of the country. They urged everyone to express their patriotism by doing whatever is viable to eradicate social evils like littering, polluting, poverty, illiteracy and corruption. 

        The speakers brought out the true essence of patriotism by asking everyone to pledge and pitch in to make their country a beautiful and worthy place and also to consider not just their country but the entire world as their homeland to make the planet earth a better place for all. Through this activity the children have proved beyond doubt that patriotism does not have boundaries. 

        The results are as follows:

        First Position

        1. Ayannya Ghosh       V-D
        2. Sharanya M. Nair     V-D 

        Second Position

        1. Joyce Sarah Kadithala  V-E
        2. Shouryya Pratap Singh V-B 

        Third Position

        1. Niranjan Nair     V-B
        2. Navya Dhulia     V-C 

        Consolation Prizes

        1. Yuvika Raina    V-A
        2. Divit Nigam      V-B
        3. K.M.Krishna      V-C
        4. Angad Singh Beasley   V-D
        5. Prabeera Dixit      V-B
        6. Shreya Bongirwar         V-D
        7. Shreyash Dhabekar       V-D

          ‘FRUIT CHAAT’ PARTY BY UKG (18 JAN 2019)

              ‘’ To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art”

          To help children develop the art of intelligent eating and to enjoy a fun-filled picnic day in the sun, munching on fruits at school, a ‘Fruit Chaat’ party was organized on Friday, 18 Jan 2019. The objective was to help children understand the benefits of fruits, one of the most amazing foods we get from mother nature. Fruit chaat was prepared by a variety of seasonal fruits like banana, apple, grapes guava, strawberry etc, which the children enjoyed with their class mates, teachers and ayah didis.

          The tiny tots not only relished the varied taste but also learnt to appreciate variety of flavours, colours, shapes  & sizes of fruit. They enjoyed watching the movie ‘Fruit Picnic’.  They coloured their favorite fruits and sang different rhymes on fruits. A fruit stick, their art and craft work, will be gifted to their parents as a token of love! Everyone  enjoyed the fruit chaat with great fun & merriment.   

            CLASS IV - MS WORD COMPETITION (14-17 JAN 2019)

            An MS WORD Competition was organized for the students of Class IV in two phases. The first round was conducted for all students from 14 to 15Jan 2019 on the topic: ‘Things I like and dislike’. The winners participated in the second round on the topic ‘Adventure Camp’ on 17 Jan 2019.

            Children used many formatting features of MS Word like columns, bold, page colour, page border, bullets, alignments, different font styles etc. to create impressive documents. They showcased their talent, thoughts and great creativity in their presentations which was highly appreciated.

            Student’s Name

            Class & Sec


            Radhika Pant

            IV B


            Bhavya Singh

            IV D


            Stuti Ghoshal

            IV B


            Kamya Choudhary

            IV B


            Ananya Sahoo

            IV E


            Harshal Singh

            IV E

            Consolation Prize

            Anushka Yadav

            IV D

            Consolation Prize



              A GK Quiz event was organised for students of classes IV & V in the month of January 2019, to expand students’ knowledge and to explore many life skills at an early age. While quiz events are an interesting way to enhance student learning they also help build  teamwork and critical thinking. 

              Keeping these objectives in mind, two preliminary rounds of G.K (oral and written) were conducted for all students of classes IV and V during the week 07 Jan to 14 Jan 2019. The winners of these rounds were selected to form 5 teams of 4 students each (2 from class IV and 2 from class V).

              On 17 Jan 2019, these 5 teams named Roald Dahl, J.KRowling, Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond and G.Stilton, participated in the final Quiz competition, ‘The Mastermind Quiz’ to win the coveted championship trophy. The students’ excitement was contagious and the room was buzzing with anticipation.

              After the Quiz master explained the rules for this final quiz, the following 7 rounds were conducted:

              Round 1     Multiple Choice Questions

              Round 2     My India

              Round 3     World View

              Round 4     Science Ahead

              Round 5      Visual Effects

              Round 6      Sports Shot

              Round 7      Rapid Fire

              While the teams battled it out on the stage, the enthusiastic audience was also very much part of the Quiz fever. The quiz master posed some interesting questions to the audience and special prizes were given to those students who were able to answer the questions correctly. The teachers also took part with full fervour  and took away some prizes.

              The Roald Dahl Team were declared the champions and were awarded trophies, certificates, books ,sketchpens and crayon packets.The team comprised of  Arnav Nambiar (VC), Tanishq Tada (VC), Tejaswini (IVC), Darshit (IVC)

              The Second prize winners were the G.Stilton Team with  S.Balakrishnan (VE), Namash Tiwari (VE), Utsav (IVE), Shrey (IVE) as members who took away  certificates, books and crayon packets as prizes.

              The Ruskin Bond Team won the third prize and the proud team members  Naman Khudaniya (VA), Vihan Dogra (VA), Shorya Pratap Singh(IVA), Aarav Chauhan (IVA) were  awarded certificates, books  and crayon packets.

              All participants were awarded with  appreciation certificates, G.K books and crayon packets.

                MEASUREMENT WEEK  AT JUNIOR SCHOOL (07-11 JAN 2019)

                “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”
                --- Galileo Galilei

                Mathematics is an incredibly important subject which is used in all walks of life. Math helps us describe the world around us in a language which is internationally understood and helps us solve problems of all manners. Mathematical skills are crucial for a wide array of analytical, technological, scientific, economic and soft skill applications.

                To encourage young learners to get involved, to dispel math phobia, to create a love for the subject and to perceive the connection of mathematical concepts with real life situations, ‘Measurement Week’ was celebrated at TAFS junior school. This celebration, over the course of the week, was a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in Math activities, designed to challenge their thinking and develop their math problem solving skills.

                The students of classes UKG –V enjoyed taking part in various interesting activities related to the theme.

                ·        The little ones of UKG measured desks and tables using scales and measuring tape. They also enjoyed checking their heights in their class and learnt about tall and short.

                ·        Class I students used their little hands to measure the smart boards and the desks in the class by hand span method.

                ·        Class II children weighed themselves on a scale. Their school bags were also weighed. They were made aware of the importance of carrying lighter school bags on their shoulders.

                ·        Class III students were all excited to use the foot span method to find the perimeter of the basketball court. Since it was a non-standard unit of measurement and the results were different for each child, an analysis was done by making class-wise bar graph .Through this activity they also learnt to respect individual differences.

                ·        Class IV students used colourful origami square papers to find the area of the floor tiles, in their class rooms as well as the corridors and the assembly area.

                ·         Class V students worked in groups to measure the length, breadth, perimeter and area of the newly tiled area at school, grass carpet in the play area and open stage using metre scales.

                These week long activities generated intense interest in the students and it was indeed an interesting and educational experience for the students.


                  Chemistry department conducted an activity-JINGLE MAKING for class-VI on 11th January 2019.Two students from each section participated in the activity & presented the Jingle on the topic ‘Forests-Our Green Lungs’ witnessed by class-VI students.

                  Students participated enthusiastically & exhibited their knowledge by putting music to the scientific words. They showcased their creative talent along with the understanding of scientific concepts.

                  Result of the activity is as follows:-


                  Student’s Name


                  1st Positions

                  1.     Shivapuram Samanvitha


                  2.     Neil Raina

                  2nd Positions

                  1.     Neeharika Dixit


                  2.     Riddhiman Pratap Singh

                  3rd Positions

                  1.     Angel Gupta


                  2.     Kabeer Khan


                    LIBRARY ACTIVITY: A REPORT

                    On 10th Jan 2019 we have organized a PPT Presentation on the chapters from the books, issued by two children, Sameer and Indulekha from class VI A, from Senior School Library.

                    Book Details:

                    1.  Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone by J K Rowling

                    ---- PPT presentation by Sameer

                    2.  The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

                           ---- PPT presentation by Indulekha
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                      "We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts. ~ Madeleine L’Engle "