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An Inter-House Folk Dance Competition was held on 9 May 2019 in the Aravali Hall. The audience, which constituted Classes VI-IX & the teachers was enthralled by the vivacious dances of all five houses. The different folk dances performed by the houses filled the environment with a feeling of nationalism. The participants dressed up in colourful costumes swayed to the beats of folk music. All houses had put their best foot forward. This zestful event came to an end with the announcement of results and with Principal ma’am motivating the students by sharing her words of appreciation.

The Positions secured by houses were




Dandiya & Garba















                               Report by Aarushi Parida, XI E


      UKG ICE-CREAM PARTY – 10 MAY 2019

      Ice cream, ice cream, in a bowl,

      Ice cream, ice cream, nice and cold,

      Ice cream, ice cream, good to eat,

      Ice cream, ice cream, what a treat!


      Enjoying a cool treat on a hot day is a favourite summer time activity. To get some relief from the heat of the Delhi summer day our kindergartners enjoyed an ice cream party on 10 May 2019 at school.

      Stirring their taste buds they enjoyed the delicacy with their classmates, teachers and Ayah didi. After having their delightful cup of ice cream, they danced to some peppy music and merrily sang songs on summer. They also indulged themselves in colouring activity and had their colourful paper ice cream cones displayed in the class. The video on how ice cream is made added to their high spirits and they learnt about the various ingredients of ice cream. The puzzles on vegetables and fruits helped them to gain understanding about seasonal food. They also gathered information regarding healthy eating habits and good hygiene during their hearty discussion at circle time.


        “Education and essential life skills enables children and young people to lead better and more independent lives. If knowledge and experience are passed on, a sustainable and self-perpetuating effect is achieved that allows families and whole communities to progress.” 

        28 students of class XI-E visited the Butterflies NGO, an initiative to help Street Connected Children, on 7th May 2019. The students were taken to the Presentation room there, wherein they were addressed by the Founder, Executive Director of Butterflies NGO, Ms. Rita Panicker. A presentation was shown to the students that highlighted the various aspects about the NGO and details of the programmes run by the NGO.

        In this world where people work for monetary benefits, where greed and unethical practices have taken place above the ethical social values, there are many who are trying to stand out and do something apart from gaining monetary benefits. This NGO works for children’s upliftment and welfare. Children who are connected to the streets, homeless children crisis and children on substance use are the many focuses of the NGO.

        Butterflies has employed various policies and schemes for upliftment of these children. These policies include ‘khazana’, which is a financial management programme for children. They have also introduced mobile education for children. Butterflies also has a school for culinary and catering. This school has graduated many chefs who are successfully in many reputed hotels.

        The students of our school enjoyed watching the presentation and asked about the various ways in which they can help the children. The students then gave the gifts that they had brought for the children there as a sign of care and compassion. This included gifts such as stationary items, few books, clothes, bags. The children in the NGO were very excited and happy on receiving gifts. They also showed their drawing files and other notebooks to our students and our students appreciated their work.

        The NGO is like a safe heaven for these Street-Connected Children. Interacting with everyone present there the students took back a lot of knowledge and values. It was an enlightening experience for all those who attended the same. It was a great learning opportunity and the students would like to engage in more such visits to increase their knowledge as well as help the society.


          Social Science Department of TAFS conducted an individual activity on the topic –“Manuscript making” for the all the students of class VI  on 7th May 2019.

          Dry leaves formed the canvas on which the motivated students with enthusiasm and boundless energy poured in their intellect, innovativeness, inventive fervor and artistic impressions. They wrote moral values on it.

          This activity helped the students in inculcating the value education and our knowledge of past.

          Creativeness of the students were appreciated and  top three manuscripts were selected from each and every class. The result is as follows:

          VI –A-                                                    VI-C

          1st Kavya                                               1ST Sarthak

          2nd Aditya Srivastava                              2nd Dibyam and Tanishq

          3rd Naman                                             3rd Vasundhara and Mahira


          VI –B                                                               VI- D

          1stPragati                                            1st   Karthik Jakhar

          2nd Deepshikha                                   2nd Ayannya Ghosh

          3rd Shourya Pratap singh                     3rd Vatsal kumar



          1st K.S Priya

          2nd KS Pranav

          3rd   Joyce

            Poster Making Competition

            The Department of Chemistry organized a poster making competition on 9th May, 2019 in the school premises for the students of class 8th. The theme of the competition was  

            ‘CHEMISTRY : BLACK or WHITE’

            Four students from each section of class 8th participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. The topic was chosen to expose the young buds on one hand, to the miracles of chemistry which are redefining their lives and on the other hand to the disliked face of the same.

            Children participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with amazing creativity. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. Each of the posters prepared by the children was a treat to the eyes.

            Following are the winners of the competition-

            1st- SAUMYA (VIIIE)

            2nd- VIDHI (VIII A) and SAMAIRA MALIK (VIII E)

            3rd- ZAINAB (VIII C) and AAYUSHI GUPTA (VIII C)

            Many congratulations to the winners.

              Report on Visit to Mother Dairy


              Educational tour provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. An industrial visit to Mother Dairy, Patparganj, Delhi was organized on May 9th, 2019 for students of class XI B and XI C. 

               This plant deals in production of about 10 lakh litres of token milk(out of 31 lakhs of total milk) and other dairy products distributed in Delhi & NCR on daily basis.

              The students got excited and curious after reaching at Mother Dairy plant. They were directed to a conference room where they were welcomed by Engineer-in charge Mr. Pillai. He gave a presentation on the working & vision of the company. He gave a brief introduction of White Revolution Movement led by our former Prime Minister Shri.Lal Bahadur Shastri to provide an uplifting growth & a transparent system in the milk production in our country. He also demonstrated about the milk processing stages (1.Cleanisation, 2.Homogenisation, 3.Standardization 4.Pasturization) with the help of PPTs. This was a great way to learn about the milk production process in such a renowned plant and to get exposure about the industrial conditions. The students also learned about how milk is collected from the corporate farmers, strictly undergoes 23 quality control tests (mainly comprises of adulterants, temperature, taste, fragrance & weight).Then how this processed milk is transported using thermally isolated milk tankers, and how all of these were installed with wireless GPS System to get alerts in case of emergency conditions. After the question and answer session, they finally got a chance to visit the factory. 

              The students were shown some adulterant tests, cleaning of milk transport tankers & large SILO containers (each with 1 lakh litre capacity). They gave the information about importance of milk(mainly for teenagers & working class) and its composition, about all the milk varieties (token ,toned, full cream & skimmed milk) based on its fat and SNF (Solid not fat) and how these are to be used by different age group peoples. They took the students to a room where fully automatic human operated cleanser, homogenizer and pasteurizer machines were present. As collateral benefit students got to see humongous solar dishes which rotated with the suns direction. Finally on the completion of tour, the appetite was duly taken care with some refreshments.

                Workshop on First Aid held for Class IV students (09.05.2019)

                At the most basic level, first aid is the initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness. Unfortunate as it may be, the fact remains that at times an injury may take place in our surroundings.

                In order to keep our students prepared for such an incident the TAFS junior wing organized a First Aid workshop on Thursday 9th May 2019 at the Activity Hall. Conducted by a team of four doctors from Maulana Azad Medical College hospital. This workshop proved to be an eye opener for the over 200 students from Class IV who attended it.

                 The session was very interactive and was peppered with several anecdotes from the experiences of the doctors. The students were given a run through of the basic first aid to be administered in case of an emergency. Right from running cold water on a burn to first washing an animal bite, before going to the hospital, everything was explained to the students in a very engaging manner. With the help of student volunteers a demonstration was given on how to put a splint in case of a fracture and a live CPR was also conducted. The exhaustive PowerPoint presentation helped the students to understand better the first aid given for different situations which could arise in case of an emergency.

                The workshop which lasted for well over an hour is sure to be something which the students will remember and be able to implement in case such an occasion arises.

                  VISIT TO Arya Mahila Aashram, New Rajinder Nagar

                  By  (CLASS XI D) students

                  20 students of class XI ‘D’ visited the Arya Mahila Aashram on 6th May 2019. The students were taken to the “Satsang Hall”. They were welcomed and all the ladies living in the Ashrams assembled in the hall. The Gayatri mantra was recited with the help of 4-5 students of our school. After that, one of the ladies present there sang the song “Hum Honge Kamayab”. The students then sang the tunes of “Saare Jahan Se Accha” and the Air Force Song. The Head of Helpage India, Mrs. Sehgal informed the students about the history and working of the Aashram. The Aasharm was about 60-65 years old. The Aashram was started by 4-5 people and it slowly grew in number. All the ladies living there were 60+ years old. There are 100 rooms in total there. The students then were informed about the daily routine of the ladies. After that, the head interacted with students later that about various topics like moral values, respecting parents, the Vedas etc. The students of our school then gave the gifts that they had brought for the Aashram as a sign of care and compassion. This included gifts like a clock, some cutlery and a few books. Students were then allowed to roam around the Aashram and explored the place. The ladies were very excited and happy to meet and talk with the children. The Aashram had a big complex which included places like kitchen, a havan hall, a park for leisure activities etc. The ladies were very eager to share their life experiences with the students. They invited the children into their rooms and took pictures with kids. They also gave the students some snacks while recounting their struggles and family life. The Aashram had two types of rooms, the ones with financial problems were aided by donations from corporations, businessmen etc were given smaller rooms, the others who paid for their own rooms and food got bigger rooms. The Aashram had many medical facilities like a dental clinic, physiotherapists, orthopedic doctors and an ambulance for emergencies. The Aashram also owns a car as a whole. The Aashram was like a safe haven for the various ladies. There were ladies present from various walks of life that were living in the Aashram, either by personal choice or due to family problems, all living in harmony and living out their life in peace. The Aashram provided a home for all these ladies who had faced so many troubles in their life. Interacting with everyone present there the students took back a lot of knowledge and values. It was an enlightening experience for all those who attended the same. It was a great learning opportunity and the students would like to engage in more such visits to increase their knowledge as well as help the society.

                    Support Staff Day

                    TAFS celebrated Support Staff Day on 01 May 2019 to honor the contribution of its Support Staff towards the smooth functioning of the school and the seamless manner in which all tasks big and small are carried out. It was a tribute by students to the tireless workers admired by all. A warm floral welcome was extended by students to each member of support staff. Hand crafted cards prepared by students of class VI were lovingly presented to each member of the support staff. A heartwarming performance by the student choir of fifty students was followed by a delightful street play. The play highlighted daily tasks of each member of the support staff. An engaging presentation of special moments from the work routine of the support staff captured on camera by students was shown on the occasion. It brought out the deep respect the student community has for them.

                    Addressing the huge audience of support staff, students and teachers, Executive Director Gp Capt R. Bhatnagar expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the honest work done by the work force.

                    Principal Mrs Amita Gupta played the mentorship role in the organization of the program, actively initiating new ideas to ensure that it was a memorable event.

                    The Vice Principal Mrs Lomina Rajiv delivered the vote of thanks. Expressing her appreciation she said the school celebrated the work force and students must inculcate value of labor.  

                    A special lunch was served and sweets distributed by the Principal to celebrate Labour Day 

                       MATHS DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITY

                      CLASS-VII (06.05.2019) 

                      Maths departmental organized a fun filled departmental activity for Class-VII. Students participated in Maths Crossword Puzzle from Ch- Integers. They participated with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. This activity inculcated the values of team spirit and sportsmanship among students. They were motivated to work harder and develop rational thinking. It provided them an opportunity to understand real life situations and to relate them with Mathematics. The students solved the puzzle with great zeal and showcased their mathematical skills. 

                      List of the students who performed extremely well in this activity are-

                      1.         Anit singh and Aniketi Gupta

                      2.         Swastik and Ansh

                      3.         Chinmai Vinay and S. Samanvitha

                      4.         Aditya Rishi and Jaiveer Rattu

                      5.         Snehal Kumari & Ridhi Dadwal

                      6.         Darshal and Sai

                      7.         Harsh Kashyap and Harsh Kumar

                      8.         Neev Sharma and Aditya

                      9.         Sammer and Aryam

                      10.      Ishaan and Sarthak

                      11.      Avantika Dogra and Harshita Rathi

                      12.      Saksham and Yashpal

                      13.      Jivisha and Devan

                      14.      Prateek and Dishant

                      15.      Shruti Shukla & Pragya Kumari

                      16.      Samiq Raza and Manglam

                      17.      Sukeerat Singh and Raghav Singh

                      18.      Ramesh and Prateek S

                      19.      Karan and Aditya Mishra


                        Social Science Department of TAFS conducted a group activity on the topic-‘Resource conservation and Sustainable Development’ for the students of class VIII  on 29April’19.

                        All the students in a team presented their amazing ideas and thoughts innovatively with beautiful collages. The students participated with great zeal and full confidence. This activity helped students to understand the need of the hour i.e. resource conservation for a better future. It helped students in identifying the daily activities through which they can conserve the resources and save their future.

                        The efforts of the students were appreciated and the top three collages from every class were selected. The result is as follows-

                        VIII A     I- Aditya                                  II- Pranav                                III- Shreyanshi

                        VIII B     I- Ashima and Aditi Yadav         II- Garima and Maham              III- Aditi Pareek

                        VIII C     I- Rudransh and Yuvraj             II- Abhinav Vaid and Arya         III- Khushi and Zainab

                        VIII D     I- Rudransh Tanwar                  II-  Sneha Malik and Prakriti      III- Garv Jain and Karan

                        VIII E     I- Ishita , Saumya                     II- Akshita and Samaira            III-Seepra and Anushka


                          The students of Class V participated in the Hindi Poem Recitation Competition held in the Junior Wing on 4 May 2019.

                          The students were given the choice of selecting a poem from an array of six topics which were, Vidyarthi Jeevan, Desh Bhakti, Parivar, Bachpan, Prakriti and Mitrata. There was a good turn out of participants who recited their poems with eagerness and enthusiasm. Some children truly brought out the essence of the poems they recited through the energy and expression they put in. 

                          Their confidence and talent were commendable. The children's efforts were appreciated by the judges and the audience enjoyed the poems thoroughly. The competition provided the children with a platform to overcome stage fear and gave them the opportunity to showcase their skills. 


                          The winners of the competition are-

                          First Position 

                          1. Vidhisha Yadav V A

                          2. Priyan Raj V C

                          3. Vitasta Pathak V D


                          Second Position 

                          4. Arunima Bhat V A

                          5. Arushi Singh V C 

                          6. Simrit Singh V D

                          7. Ananya Mishra V D


                          Third Position 

                          8. Shaurya Singh V A

                          9. Aarav Chauhan V A

                          10. Pari Mudgal V D

                          11. Anvita Tripathi V D

                          12. Utsav V E


                          Consolation Prize

                          13. Bhavya Kumar V A

                          14. Shaurya Sharma V D

                          15. Yash Vardhan Trivedi V D

                          16. Ayushi Singh V D

                          17. Vidhi Singh V E

                          18. Antra Kumari V E

                            Annual Prize Distribution – VI-VIII

                            04 May 2019


                            The first round of Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was held on 4th May 2019 in the Aravali Hall. A total of 87 students were awarded merit prizes. Wg Cdr Pushpa Thakur, Executive Director AFBBS was the chief guest at the function and gave away the prizes. 

                            Principal Mrs Amita Gupta gave the welcome address. She congratulated the prize winners and emphasized the need to develop right attitude and habits to achieve success. She urged them to accept their success with humility and grace.

                            The programme started with lighting of the lamp and recitation of shlokas. A motivating group song sung by the school choir set the tone for the day. It was followed by a musical rendition of ‘Swagatam’ a classical Kathak dance performed beautifully by students of class VII & VIII. A painting of Buddha was presented as a token of gratitude, to the honourable chief guest Wg Cdr Pushpa Thakur, ED AFBBS.

                            Wg Cdr Pushpa Thakur then addressed the august gathering. She felicitated the students on their achievement. Motivating the students in the audience she said, “We all must understand that there is infinite intelligence in all of us blessed by the divine. We all are born with purpose, search for that goal and enjoy every moment of the life doing so”. 

                            The Middle School Coordinator, Mrs Debolina Mukherjee proposed the vote of thanks. She emphasized that every child has a unique potential to excel in their area of interest and create a value in their life.The entire gathering stood with pride to sing the National Anthem.

                              Biology department had organized a workshop on 1st may in school premises for classes XI B and XII B students. The resource person for the workshop was Mr Rahul who is pursuing MBBS from AIIMS.  In was an interactive workshop. Mr Rahul shared some important tips regarding time management, planning & execution as well as the benefits of multiple revisions.  The workshop was very informative and beneficial for our students.

                                SRCC alumni Commerce Workshop

                                The Commerce students of XI & XII were engaged in an interactive workshop with Alumni's of SRCC startup "Wings of Fire".
                                The Speakers being Mr.Sahibdeep Singh, Ms.Manisha, Mr.Harsh Agarwal, and Kuhikaa Arora, who was also a TAFS student, now in SRCC.
                                The students were informed of the various commerce subject orientations, role plays for a management course, case studies, careers & institute eligibility, alongwith CV building for Commerce Jobs ahead.
                                It was a two hour session that comprehensively covered commerce as a stream, and apprised students about the how to manage their time /subjects while creating a subject hierarchy.
                                It was an extremely engaging workshop, that students enjoyed, fully interacting with the speakers. We at the Air Force School, would continue our programmes towards career guidance in the future.

                                  EDUCATIONAL TRIP - WAR MEMORIAL AND CRAFTS MUSEUM

                                  CLASS: VII


                                  The school organized an educational trip to the War Memorial and Crafts Museum on April 30, 2019, for the students of VII A and B. The visit to the War Memorial was enriching as students learnt a lot about  the sacrifice made by our martyrs for the country. Children also paid tributes to the bravehearts.   

                                  At the Crafts Museum the students got to see a lot of artifacts from various places all over India along with the various textiles and a variety of tribal textiles which highlight the diversity of our country. 

                                  Both the trips were truly informative and a great learning experience for our students.

                                    Newton Circus (Physics Department Activity)

                                    Physics Department of TAFS conducted an activity Newton Circus for the students of class VII on April 25, 2019. Twenty students (Four from each section) presented the various Laws with the help of beautiful posters. The students participated with great zeal and full confidence. The event Newton Circus helped students in learning science through daily life activities. Students explained the daily life phenomenon on the basis of various laws of physics. Judges Ms. Ashma Sriram and Ms. Divya Tyagi appreciated the efforts of the students and advised them to find science in their daily lives and explained how learning science can be fun.


                                    Sr. No.


                                    Class & Sec.



                                    Parth Saarthi Chhikara

                                    VII A



                                    Pooja Kushwah

                                    VII A



                                    Riddhiman Singh

                                    VII D



                                    Prateek Soudatti

                                    VII D



                                    Navya Batra

                                    VII D



                                    Aarav Gupta



                                      Audio On
                                      "It seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.~ Dana Scully "