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To commemorate the Reading Month, from 19 June to 18 July 2019 and to inculcate the habit of reading among students, the English Dept of The Air Force School, Subroto Park, conducted various activities for all  classes. While students of class VI enjoyed a fun- filled story telling activity whereby they enacted as different characters, students of class VII and VIII actively participated in group discussion sessions about various topics like sports, current updates, new gadgets et al. Students of Class IX-X shared their views about the values imbibed from reading something that gave them food for thought. A pledge was taken by all students of classes VI-X, making a promise to themselves to read regularly, to increase knowledge and improve mindfulness about varied topics. The students pledged to read something interesting on a daily basis and further promote this habit as a part of their lifestyle. Students of Classes XI and XII shared information from the  books they are currently reading. Students of XII tapped the library resources to research on topics for inter school debates. Students opted for inter school book discussion competitions and read prescribed books.

The school librarian provided useful links on the school website to e-reading sites where books were in public domain.

The students were asked to bring reading material from home, so that they could read in the class. They were encouraged to get anything that they loved to read, and of any language they preferred to read. Students brought newspapers, novels, encyclopedia, autobiographies, magazines, and even The Mahabharata’s Bal Leela. 

The activity saw students participating with great zeal. They found this activity a novel way to develop the habit of reading. Some even wanted such activities to take place more regularly, to experience the joy of reading.



    It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the ‘King of Fruits- Mango’ with a fun-filled learning opportunity in the form of a Mango-Maaza party. The day started with a general conversation about mango followed by singing of rhymes and a dancing session which kids enjoyed thoroughly. The little kindergarteners relished the lip smacking mango juice. They also had a circle time discussion about the king of fruits not only for its taste and bright yellow, orange, red and green colours but also for the nutrients it offers. The discussion on the various forms of its consumption like jam, jellies, pickles, ice cream etc. was very exciting and fascinating. They also engaged in creative art & craft activities like colouring and tearing & pasting to make mango cut-outs. The Mango Party left the little ones with immense joy and pleasure in their hearts of having celebrated it with their classmates, teachers and ayah didis.


      In order to inculcate reading habit among the students, the junior wing observed 24th P. N. Panicker Memorial National Reading Month celebrations from 10-17 July 2019.

      Various interesting activities were planned for all the classes. While UKG class enjoyed a fun filled story session with puppets, classes I and II conducted a digital story reading session. During the school assembly a reading pledge was taken by all students of classes III- V making a promise to themselves to read regularly to increase knowledge and improve mindfulness about varied topics. The students also pledged to “promote the development of our country, Bharat, through judicious reading of books, as well as digital reading, and through right action” and spread awareness of storybooks and donating books to the needy. A poster making activity, on the theme ‘Reading and Knowledge empowerment’ was also conducted for the students of class IV.


        An ‘Intensified Diarrhea Control Drive’ was conducted in the junior school during the week 08-12 July 2019. The aim of this drive was to sensitize children about safe water, food, washing of hands, sanitation, personal hygiene as well as clean surroundings. All teachers & students of the Junior Wing were involved in this drive.

        Various hands-on activities as well as demonstrations were conducted as a part of this drive. All activities were planned under the paradigm project WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) of the Government of India.

        1.   Safe Hands & appropriate Hand washing

        ·        Under this movement, students were shown videos in the classroom about the importance of hand washing and appropriate way of washing hands was also demonstrated.

        ·        Certain guidelines were given to children in order to help them understand importance of washing hands before taking meals & after urinating & defecating.

        ·        Children were also observed while washing hands and were guided the appropriate way for complete hygiene. 

        2.   Safe Drinking Water & Hygienic food

        ·        The relevance of drinking clean water was discussed in the class. They were explained about the safe water joints at school that are enabled with a water purifying plant.

        ·        Also students were involved in making their personal charcoal water purifier as a project. Children were encouraged to ensure safe water drinking habits at home as well.

        ·        Helpful tips were discussed with children about keeping food safe from flies and insects. Ill effects of consuming contaminated food were shared with students.

        ·         Hygienic eating practices were encouraged and children were encouraged to spread table napkins before taking meals. 

        3.   Personal Hygiene & Clean Surroundings

        ·        Emphasis was laid on personal hygiene wherein a Tooth brush making activity was done by students. Teachers explained them the relevance of oral hygiene.

        ·        Students were involved in ‘Shramdaan’ activities in which they cleaned their surroundings in order to avoid breeding of mosquitoes & flies. 

        4.   Posters for Promotion

        ·        Students created informative as well as eye-catchy posters promoting safe water, sanitation & hygiene.

        ·        The posters were displayed in their classes as a gentle reminder for safety & hygiene.

        The aim of this drive was to inculcate habits of safe drinking water, personal hygiene through hand washing & sanitation and clean surroundings. Through the above mentioned activities an ethos of safety & prevention from Diarrhea was developed amongst students.



          A student orientation programme was conducted for classes VI-VIII (New Admission) on Monday, 8th July 2019. The aim of the programme was to familiarise and assist the new admissions in their new beginning in the school.

          The Student council head – The Head Boy, Anubhav Panwar and Head Girl, Saheba Kapoor, explained the students regarding the rules and regulations of the school, maintaining discipline, whom to approach in case of emergency situations, drop box system, participation in co-curricular activities etc.

          Ms Debolina Mukherjee (The Middle School Coordinator) addressed the students regarding the Buddy system, in class and while boarding their buses, stating that Class Teachers are their first connect, to approach subject teachers or any other teacher during emergency situation, comfort level in their PT-1 exams and other issues to assist the students and wishing them best for their new beginnings in the school.

            Parents Orientation Program, Class IX and X, July 6, 2019 

            A Parent Orientation Program for the new admissions was conducted on 6th July 2019. Welcoming everyone in the gathering, the Vice Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv shared the workings of the school. She underlined the imperativeness of a strong parent- teacher relationship for the holistic development of a child. 

            Followed by this, Ms. Prabha Kathait, the Class Representative of IX, spoke about school's mission of developing students into integrated and harmonious individuals. She explained about various facilities provided by the school and discussed some general rules to be followed by the students. Ms. Manbeer Kaur Bhasin, the Class Representative of X then explained discipline rules and discipline grading methods. She laid emphasis on the attendance and some important points to be taken care by the parents in their teens’ lives. This was followed by the MIS Coordinator Mr. Sujeet Chikara discussing the structure of Examinations. He also shared the Internal and External Assessment criteria with the parents. 

            Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Manbeer Kaur Bhasin. The orientation program, followed by an Open House, where the parents were introduced to the subject teachers of their wards. It was a good start for all the newcomers and their parents. 

              ORIENTATION PROGRAMME FOR PARENTS - Classes VI-VIII (New Admissions)

              A Parent Orientation Programme was conducted for Classes VI-VIII (New Admissions) on Saturday 06 July, 2019. The aim was to assist the parents in familiarising with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies, examination structure and co- scholastic activities.

              The session started with a welcome note by Ms. Debolina  Mukherjee (The Middle School Coordinator) addressing the importance of collaborating efforts of parents and teachers for the holistic development of a child. She stressed about the negative impact of social media and effective parenting to inbuilt a strong value system.

              The Class Rep of VI, Ms Manisha Sachdeva and class rep of VII, Ms Jyotsana Narang , explained the school rules and regulations along with scholastic and co-scholastic activities conducted in the school.A presentation on the school examination pattern and evaluation system such as the Periodic Tests, Mid-Term Exams, markings on CW, HW  and subject enrichment activity was explained by Mr. Sujeet Chhikara.

              The vote of thanks was presented by Ms Manisha Sachdeva. The programme was followed by the Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) to address further queries of the parents regarding the upcoming PT-1 exam and the syllabus.

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