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TPL 2019-2020
   ...News & Updates

TPL 2019-2020

Like all previous year, this year also the TPL – 2019-2020 for all five houses in three different categories have been conducted during their respective PE periods w.e.f. 15 April 2019.

RESULTS of TPL 2019-2020

15 April 2019

Class X

Subroto Vs Pratap

Winner – Subroto House

Man of the Match – Kartik Sanjeev Bhasin (XE)

16 April 2019

Classes VIII & IX

Subroto Vs Katre

Winner – Subroto House

Man of the Match – Shivansh (IXE)

18 April 2019

Classes VI & VII

Arjan Vs Subroto

Winner – Subroto House

Man of the Match – Kartik Malhotra


    The Commerce and Humanities students of Class XII were audience to an engaging Career session on "Education,acturial science and Knowledge building in students".

    It had guest Speaker Mr.Kunal from Jina organisation, who is a recognised Actuary himself with a vast experience as an educationist.

    The workshop involved brainstorming on How one studies, uses memory techniques, applies mathematical concept, Economics and Verbal reasoning in careers like management or Investments.

    The aim of the session was to engage and begin a process of thinking among students for upcoming and existing careers within commerce and humanities. 

    The children understood the gaps between Eligibility and logical reasoning demanded in entrance exams, thus helping them to engage in the system of tuitions, studies better.


         ...News & Updates


      A series of "Girl's Hygiene and Puberty health" session was taken by the School Counselor Ms.Ashima Verma, Home science Teacher Neeharika Bhatnagar and English Teacher, Ms. Meera Menon.

      The classes Covered ranged from VI-X, where female Changes, body, hormones, period health, hygiene and diet were discussed. 

      Students came up with a variety of questions, doubts and situations that they may not understand or talk about openly.
      Thus, the aim was to raise awareness and make them understand about the consequences of health and hygiene on their bodies.

      Body image, how to act, and manage a difficult body related situation was discussed in school and social settings both.
      It was an engaging and Interactive session with many situations understood well.


        The kindergartners of our school went around the school campus on the sunny morning of 10 April 2019, to learn more about the environment of their new school. The super excited tiny tots, accompanied by their class teachers and ayah didis, were awed to see the flora, the play fields, different buildings and other areas spread in the 15 acre school campus!

        At the junior wing the aquarium and the various fishes in it was a major point of attraction for the children. The newly painted walls at the UKG play area and the sandpit with the toys in it were their other favourite places.

        During their long walk they stopped to check the tall trees, the seasonal flowering plants like dahlias, bright and big, the different parts of the school building, Junior Wing as well as the senior wing and the play areas. They were fascinated by the hockey field, skating rink, the lawn tennis, basketball and the badminton courts. The vast open areas, the rocky terrain and the winding paths added to their imagination. They loved watching the big fountain and were impressed by the grand façade of the school! Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, interacted with them and our youngest TAFSians exchanged views with her!

        This short trip around the school campus helped children not only to acquaint themselves with the school surroundings but also helped them to learn about the purpose of different demarcated areas and feel proud of the institution they are studying in.


          RUN FOR FUN
             ...News & Updates

          Run for Fun


          “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

          ----------John Bingham – Running Speaker & Writer


          Run for fun week (02-09 April 2019) was held in the school for classes VI-X. A Physical Education Department initiative the running event aimed at drawing all students into this joyful means of exercising. It was a non-competitive event, encouraging students to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. Students participated in this event with a lot of zeal, putting in their best to cover the maximum distance possible. The mass participation helped students to overcome inhibitions & to enjoy the moment.


            The Air Force school organised an orientation program for the parents of class IX students on 06 April 2019. The aim was to familiarise the parents with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies, examination structure and co- scholastic activities.
            The session started with a welcome note by Ms Prabha Kathait, class rep of IX. In her speech she laid stress on the holistic development of the child .She gave an overview of the rules and regulations of school along with the scholastic and the co - scholastic activities conducted in the school.

            Mr Sujeet Chikara , MIS Coordinator and incharge School Result guided  parents and familiarised them about the examination pattern of class IX. He shared the details of the examination schedule and the criterion laid by the school for internal assessment.
            Ms Ashima Verma , School counselor in her speech guided  parents about handling of various adolescent issues .She spoke about various life skills that help children in class IX.
            The session was also addressed by the school Principal Ms Amita Gupta. In her speech, she laid steps on effective communication between the teachers and the parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the children could be provided the best for their overall development. She also gave guidelines about effective parenting. She laid stress on time management skills and suggested different measures to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future.
            The vote of thanks was proposed by School Vice Principal Ms Lomina Rajiv. She thanked parents and appreciated their bonding with the school.
            The orientation program ended on a good note and with the aim of growing our children into happy and well adjusted citizens.


              A Parent Orientation Programme was conducted for Class VI on Saturday 06 April, 2019. This orientation programme was conducted to apprise the parents about the  new  system due to  the transition from the Junior wing  to the senior wing in Class VI 
              Through a Power point Presentation, many important points regarding the workings of the senior school were explained by Ms Manisha Sachdeva , Class Representative of Class VI.

              A presentation on the school examination pattern and evaluation system such as the Periodic Tests, Mid-Term Exams, markings on CW, HW  and subject enrichment activity was explained by Mr. Sujeet Chhikara.

              Ms Ashima Verma, the school counsellor, conducted a workshop on PARENTING A TWEEN  enlightening  the parents on the impact of transition of Junior school students to the senior wing and the role of the parents and the school in  nurturing the children  to become socially responsible.

              Ms Amita Gupta, Principal addressed the negative impact of Social Media, to engrave  a strong value system in order to empower our students to carry forward the school's legacy.

              The Programme ended with a Vote Of Thanks by Ms. Debolina  Mukherjee (The Middle School Coordinator) expressing the utmost importance of collaborative efforts to cherish the dreams of the child.



                   ...News & Updates

                Conduction of Lock Down Drill 
                8 April 2019.

                An Emergency Disaster Drill -Lock Down Drill was conducted for classes 6 to 12 in the school premises of The Air Force School, Subroto Park. The Principal addressed the students and staff about the lock down drill. 

                She explained the important procedures involved in the drill.

                ·         LOCK all exterior doors. If there is no lock on the door – move heaviest object in front if possible.

                ·         CLOSE windows.

                ·         STAY AWAY from all doors and windows, move students towards walls away from doors.

                ·         SHUT OFF LIGHTS.

                ·         DO NOT OPEN exterior doors for any reason until an “all clear” is received.

                ·         DO NOT USE the telephone system to request information (follow pre-determined protocol).

                ·         FOLLOW building protocol to communicate room status

                ·         BE QUIET! Wait for further instructions.


                ·         Calm and reassure upset students.

                ·         Use supplies in emergency kit as needed or necessary.

                The students performed the first Drill in the III period followed by a SWOT analysis. The second drill was conducted in the VI period under 10 seconds. Both drills were successfully carried out.

                The students and staff, through this activity, felt empowered and aware of the steps to take under any emergency situation that may occur in and around them in school.


                  Every year, as the new academic session begins in the month of April, it brings with it not only joy and happiness to parents, but also some anxiety and queries regarding the new classes, system of  assessment, transport, books, notebooks etc. Keeping this in mind, the school conducted Orientation Programme for the parents for class UKG (on 03 April 2019), class I (on 04 April 2019) and class III (on 05 April 2019)

                  Through Power point Presentations, many important points were explained to the parents by Ms Ashu Agarwal, Academic Coordinator Jr. Wing. The details of scholastic and co-scholastic activities, the Periodic Tests, Mid-Term Exams, the daily updates on the websites like HW, Follow-up activities, the school calendar etc were discussed with the parents.

                  Ms Yukti Madan, the school counsellor, also enlightened the parents on the impact of Positive Parenting and the role of the parents and the school in  nurturing socio-emotionally sound children.

                  Ms Deepa Radhakrishnan, Headmistress Jr. Wing addressed all the queries of parents and provided a detailed insight about the academic session 2019-20, aiming for a fruitful session. 


                    FOR CLASS X

                    The students of class X were audience to a Time management session on 5th April 2019 with Career launcher and Guest Speaker Ms Neha Wahi, who is a senior consultant and career guidance counselor.

                    The workshop addressed the burning issues of time management, board stress, anxiety and how to prepare with limited resources and within a certain time period.

                    The students were given an activity sheet with their 24 hour plan of actions that they could color and judge, what is urgent, important or not important as a task.

                    The speaker also gave tips on how to rate or rank their time after sports, playing or sleeping, so that their momentum to study well is maintained. The students understood the importance of managing their time in such a crucial class and were made well aware of the possible motivations they gain after they manage their time well.

                      National Astronomy Challenge-2018

                      Felicitation ceremony at Dubai 

                      STEM & Space, an Indian science education company, conducted NAC-2018 exam (National Astronomy Challenge) , a nationwide Astronomy Olympiad competition, which was held in the month of November. Top 10 students from all over India were selected as winners, based on highest scores.Swastik Sharma of class VI was amongst one of them.           

                      The felicitation ceremony was held  in Dubai on 25th March2019 . Mr. Al Hasan Hariri, CEO of Dubai Astronomical Society was the Chief guest.He shared his passion about Astronomy and encouraged them to pursue in the field of astronomy.Other special guests at the event included Mr. Mikolaj Zielinski, Mars 20astronaut, selected by Mars team to go to Mars in 2020. He interacted with the students at length about his experiences. Mr. Thomas R Addy, representing Boeing Corporation,talked about the aerospace industry. Mr. Prabhakaran, Educator at Meliha Science Center shared his techniques about Astrophotography. Dr. Mila Mitra, co founder and Chief Scientific Officer  at STEM & space, and ex NASA Space scientist ,presided over the event. 

                      The students had the privilege to meet Mr. Pankaj Bodhke, education Consulate at Indian consulate, Dubai ,who congratulated all of them on their achievement.

                      The visit to Al Thuraya observatory ,was a great  experience for the winners.They learnt about the working of various kinds of telescopes and observed different celestial objects using them. They got a chance to see observatory dome where they could see the live status of satellites around the world.The students got  the complete experience of an observatory.

                      They also enjoyed the vibrant sightseeing  like Burj Khalifa,Zabeel park,Frame of Dubai,Jumeriah Beach,Palm Island and Old Dubai.

                      All together it was a remarkable experience for students in Dubai with the chance to interact with eminent science personalities and visiting the observatory.  

                        THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW SESSION 2019-20

                          Audio On
                          "Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. ~ Rabindranath Tagore "